Joanna, 23 y/o, living with my babe in a messy apartment in Gothenburg, SWE. I suck at remembering things, I procrastinate so hard I'll probably manage to stall my own eventual demise and I have sudden flare-ups of anxiety, which just adds up to some very sporadic social interactions; I'm not ignoring you, I just can't get my head around the concept of time. Here to queer up your fandoms, slay eurocentric and patriarchal social norms while drawing and reblogging cool stuff. Safe zone for all cuties, let me know if you need something tagged!

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top: I was bored yesterday, so I did two kind of makeup-stylings, one rainbowbarf on the left side, and one sixtees-babydoll inspired on the right.

bottom: me without any makeup, and wearing my glasses. this is how I look most of the time when I’m tumblr-ing, lol.

Can’t whait ‘till my new phone gets here, it has a waaaaay better camera (8mpx) and a bigger screen. It’s the Samsung Galaxy sIII, and it’s blue<3 Got it for free, tank god. Could never afford a new phone otherwise, and my current phone is, let’s say, getting a bit… Senile? When I speak to people I can’t hear what they’re saying if I don’t use speakerphone, and sometimes it just stops working for no reason… It’s just two years old ffs! Smartphones sucks, but I’ve become addicted.. Damn.