top: I was bored yesterday, so I did two kind of makeup-stylings, one rainbowbarf on the left side, and one sixtees-babydoll inspired on the right.

bottom: me without any makeup, and wearing my glasses. this is how I look most of the time when I’m tumblr-ing, lol.

Can’t whait ‘till my new phone gets here, it has a waaaaay better camera (8mpx) and a bigger screen. It’s the Samsung Galaxy sIII, and it’s blue<3 Got it for free, tank god. Could never afford a new phone otherwise, and my current phone is, let’s say, getting a bit… Senile? When I speak to people I can’t hear what they’re saying if I don’t use speakerphone, and sometimes it just stops working for no reason… It’s just two years old ffs! Smartphones sucks, but I’ve become addicted.. Damn.