stop using “it’s just my opinion” to justify your bigotry.

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Natalie Dormer as Cressida in Mockingjay Part 1

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Jensen (about TSA America): When I saw it, y’know, oddly enough it did not shock me at all. The two of those together doing that kind of stuff, I was like, ‘yeah, that makes total sense’.

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Misha please. [x]

Someone out-Misha’d Misha.

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Anonymous asked:
Try emailing admin and explaining. I'm sure this is one of the few things they'd be willing to switch teams for.

I did, they only said that I needed to find someone to switch with:

"Hi Joanna, 

I understand your concerns. If you would like to switch to another team, could you find someone willing to switch with you so each team still has 15 members? Or if most of this team is the team you signed up with and would like to switch this one person out, please find someone on another team willing to switch with her and explain the situation to her.
Best of luck,
..but thank you anyways<3




what if you were stuck with whoever/whatever your icon was for the rest of your life




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Authorities believe that a dangerous blood-borne virus is to blame for the sudden spike in both murders and deaths in recent weeks in and around Kansas City.  It is thought to be the same virus discovered in River Grove, Oregon where at least twenty people were discovered dead in 2006.  Scientists have made no comments about whether this is the same strain found in the Niveus Pharmaceuticals swine flu vaccine in 2010.  Authorities are calling the virus “Croatoan.” 

Speculations that this may be an premeditated attack of biological warfare has forced government officials to take action.  By order of Acting Regional Command, residents of Kansas City and outline areas are required to evacuate by August 1st, 2014.  Entry to the area will be prohibited and strictly enforced beginning that date.  Displaced residents in need of shelter are urged to contact their local law enforcement.  All evacuees will be asked to provide identification and may be subject to onsite medial testing.  Any evacuees resisting official directives will be detained.  Authorities urge residents to use marked evacuation routes to maintain efficiency.

Sources say that victims of the virus are known to be physically aggressive and show a drive to attack others. If you encounter an infected individual, DO NOT ENGAGE. Contact local law enforcement immediately and seek refuge.

Please, do your part and spread the word.  Your safety, and the safety of your neighbors, is our number one concern.

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i was almost swallowed by a cloud of malevolent shadow energy on the drive home and i hardly even noticed. i  was so happy.

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It’s been a while since I made a generator, so here’s a companion to the Demon Generator.  You can get some pretty unconventional angels from some of these combinations.  If you do make a character with this, tag ‘characterdesigninspiration’ so I can see them!

To Play: click and drag each gif or take a screenshot of the whole thing.

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switch teams with me?

on e of my team mates is against lgbtq+ people, and I’m homosexual and my long-time girlfriend and fiancée might help out some during the hunt. I feel really uncomfortable in my team because of this, so if anyone wouldn’t mind switching places with me, send me a ask or fanmail.

happy hunting!

Suzanne Warren, her philosophies, wise/kind words, and all around deep shit appreciation post ✿◕‿◕✿ 

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Muggleborns gifting their pureblood friends crocs as a joke, and telling them it’s “the highest quality of shoes muggles can make”. Purebloods wearing crocs when they go out into the muggle world, smugly thinking that people are staring because they admire the style and fashion. Lily Evans doing this to James Potter. Harry and Hermione doing this to Ron. 

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yousweptmeaway answered to your post “fml…”

Ew I’m really sorry you have to deal with that on your team!

hopefully we’re able to work it out as adults… thank you sweetheart!